Here’s your roadmap for the semester!

Capitalism, markets, and public policy Reading Assignment Class
January 7 (M) Capitalism I
January 9 (W) Capitalism II
January 11 (F) Lab 1
January 14 (M) Social interactions and economic outcomes I
January 16 (W) Social interactions and economic outcomes II
January 18 (F) Lab 2
January 18 (F) Problem set 1
January 21 (M) No class; Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 23 (W) Incentives and human behavior
January 25 (F) Lab 3
January 25 (F) Problem set 2
January 28 (M) Public policy for fairness and efficiency I
January 30 (W) Public policy for fairness and efficiency II
February 1 (F) Lab 4
February 1 (F) Problem set 3
Scarcity, power, and inequality Reading Assignment Class
February 4 (M) Work, wellbeing, and scarcity I
February 6 (W) Work, wellbeing, and scarcity II
February 8 (F) Lab 5
February 8 (F) Problem set 4
February 11 (M) Institutions, power, and inequality I
February 13 (W) Institutions, power, and inequality II
February 15 (F) Lab 6
February 15 (F) Exam 1
February 18 (M) No class; Presidents’ Day
Economic models Reading Assignment Class
February 19 (T) The firm I
February 20 (W) The firm II
February 22 (F) Lab 7
February 25 (M) Firms and markets I
February 27 (W) Firms and markets II
March 1 (F) Lab 8
March 1 (F) Problem set 5
March 4 (M) Firms and markets III
March 6 (W) Firms and markets IV
March 8 (F) Lab 9
March 8 (F) Problem set 6
March 11 (M) Credit markets
March 13 (W) Markets and macroeconomics
March 15 (F) No lab; fake Marriott School spring break
March 15 (F) Exam 2
Market failures, governments, and politics Reading Assignment Class
March 18 (M) Market failures I
March 20 (W) Market failures II
March 22 (F) Lab 11
March 22 (F) Problem set 7
March 25 (M) Governments and institutions I
March 27 (W) Government and institutions II
March 29 (F) Lab 12
March 29 (F) Problem set 8
April 1 (M) When governments go wrong
April 3 (W) Institutional alternatives
April 5 (F) Lab 13
Evaluating and implementing policies Reading Assignment Class
April 8 (M) Evaluating policies I
April 10 (W) Evaluating policies II
April 12 (F) Lab 14
April 12 (F) Problem set 9
April 13 (Sat) Exam 3
April 15 (M) Policy formation and politics
April 17 (W) Markets, public policy, and public administration
Final Reading Assignment Class
April 23 (T) Final project due (submit online by 11:59 PM)